Development Server: Logging In

On the UDrupal development server——the site administrator will have shell access to the file system, allowing you to log in via Secure Shell or FTP to upload files. You will be able to upload your own themes, media files, and documents.

You can log into your development site via the UDrupal Web interface. Log in to<my_directory_name> as discussed in Logging In to Your UDrupal Site.

In addition, you have direct access to the files in your directory on the UDrupal development server. That is, you can log in to your development site using a Secure Shell session or a Secure FTP client.

Secure Shell access: UNIX, Linux, or Mac OS

  1. From the command prompt on a Linux or UNIX computer, or from a Macintosh computer's terminal window, type the appropriate form of the ssh command:

If your username on the computer you are using is identical to your UDelNetID, use this form of the ssh command:
If your username on the computer you are using is different from your UDelNetID, include your UDelNetID and the @ when you type the ssh command:
Example: If your username on the computer you are using is doeje, but your UDelNetID is johnedoe, you would type this command:

  1. When prompted for a password, type your UDelNetID password.

Secure Shell access: Windows

  1. Open the Secure Shell client (available free on 
  2. Click Quick Connect.
  3. Type as the Host Name.
  4. Type your UDelNetID as the User Name.
  5. Click Connect.
  6. If during the login process you see a dialog box telling you that this is the first time you have logged into and asking if you want to accept the host's public key, click Yes.
  7. When prompted for a password, type your UDelNet password.

FTP access

From within the UDrupal Web interface, you can upload individual files using IMCE from the WYSIWYG editor or by using IMCE directly. There will be times—for example when you want to upload a new theme or a large number of images—when you would find it convenient to use an FTP client to upload multiple files at once.

Use your favorite FTP client to connect to using your UDelNetID and password. Make sure you use a secure FTP client (e.g., the ssh FTP client on a Windows computer, the sftp UNIX client, etc.) or that you've selected SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) in another FTP client (e.g., Fetch on a Mac OS computer).

Documentation on using the Secure Shell FTP (Windows) client and the Fetch FTP (Mac OS) client are available via the Web.

Information on the UNIX ftp and sftp commands is available in the standard UNIX man pages. For example, to read the information about the  sftp command, at the UNIX command line, type the following command:

      man sftp