Updates to UDrupal: Testing Your Site

When upgrades to the version of Drupal installed on the UDrupal service might affect your published Web site, you will receive a notification from IT about the upgrade schedule and a request for you to check your Web site for compatibility with the upgrades.

As of May 26, 2009, site administrators can expect to see the following.

  1. When an upgrade to the version of Drupal or some of the modules installed on the UDrupal service might affect your site, you will receive e-mail from the IT Drupal Support team about the schedule for the planned upgrade.
  2. You will be directed to a Quality Assurance (QA) copy of your site for you to test. That is, a snapshot of your production site will be set up on an installation of Drupal that includes the upgrades to UDrupal. Typically, you'll be given a week (5 working days) to test your site in the new environment.
  3. As site administrator, you are responsible for testing the QA copy of your site.

    Best Practice
    Designate a back-up site administrator for those times when you might be out of town or otherwise unavailable for more than 2-3 days.
  4. Report the results of your testing using the IT Help Center's Help Request Form. In the Describe the problem text box, indicate that you have tested your site and that the testing shows no problem or, more importantly, that the testing indicates that certain parts of your site may be affected. Be specific about any problems you find.
  5. If you report any problems, you should hear back from a member of the IT Drupal Support team within one business day.