Publishing Your UDrupal Site

When you are ready for your Web site to move from the UDrupal development server to the UDrupal production server, go to and click the CONTACT US tab.

Contact Us tab

  1. Fill in all fields on the Contact form.
    • Type your name and e-mail address in the appropriate boxes.
    • In the Subject box, include the name of your UDrupal Web site.
    • From the pull-down Category menu, click Publish My drupal-dev Site.
    • In the Message text box, provide any additional details about your request. For example, the date you would like the site available, confirmation of the URL you would like the site published from, or any other special requests.
  2. Click SEND E-MAIL to submit your request.


  • Allow three (3) business days for IT staff to validate your site and move it to its production location. We will make every effort to move a site in 1–2 business days. But, to ensure everything moves properly, please allow the full 3 days.
  • After you have submitted your request, do not make any changes to your Web site on From the time you submit the request, your drupal-dev site is frozen.
  • As part of the process of moving your site to its production location, we will block access to your development site. Once your Web site is published to its public URL, all changes need to be made using the Drupal interface on the published site. We remove access to the development version of your Web site so that those assisting you with your site don't confuse the two versions and make changes to the drupal-dev version.
  • You can request to copy a snapshot of your production site back to However, our recommendation is that you make content additions and changes to the published site and only ask for a snapshot to be copied to if you are planning a major site overhaul or if you need to make changes to the design of your web site that cannot be done using the Drupal web interface.