Production Server: Drupal Interface

After your UDrupal site is published to its production location, you can only add content and make changes via the Drupal Web-based interface.

Site administrators and content providers can update the pages, stories, blogs, and other content on the Web site using the WYSIWYG editors or the text editor provided as part of the Drupal interface.

If you are the site administrator, you will have complete access to the Drupal Administer menu, so you can edit and change the look and feel of your site, add new roles, define new content types, change permissions, and perform all the other administrative functions.

Logging In to Your production Web Site

  1. Go to the production URL for your Web site.
  2. If your Web site has a design that includes a block in which authenticated users (site administrators, content providers, and other authorized users) can log in, use your UDelNetID and password to log in. If your Web site does not have a login block, you can add /user to the URL to log in.

If you had logged into

to develop the site and if the site has now been published as

go to that URL to log into your site. If your site has been developed without a login option on its home page, you can log in by typing