Downloading a Theme

There are a number of online resources for themes and many are free!

Sites to begin your search should include the following:

In addition to the many sources of free themes, you can also purchase a theme. These themes can range from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. The costs are usually a reflection on how flexible the theme is for configuration. Flexible options can include choosing the number of sidebars, selecting a color scheme, and configuring search engine optimization. Some good places to start looking include the following:

Found a theme you like?  What's next?

After you find a theme you like, you can put this theme into your site's themes folder to make it available for your site to use. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Save the theme of your choice to your local folder system (i.e., save to your desktop).
  2. Open up a sftp session to the drupal-dev server using SSH ftp, Fetch, or other client of your choice. (See Development Server: Logging In).
  3. Navigate to the themes folder for your site. This should be a path similar to /home/drupal/usra/htdocs/drupal/sites/<yoursitename>
  4. Upload the folder that contains your theme.
  5. The theme is now available for use within your site. To learn more about selecting the theme for your site or configuring your theme, read Selecting a UDrupal Theme or Configuring a Theme.