Installing UDrupal Core on your own Server

What is UDrupal Core?

UDrupal core is the name given to the software, modules, themes, and configurations as they are installed on UD Drupal servers. This installation includes the following:

  • the most stable release of Drupal from,
  • user contributed modules from, and
  • themes that have been modified to include UD branding components (e.g., the OCM designed UD header and footer).

Why Install UDrupal on your own Server? 

Some groups, departments, or individuals may want to manage their own Drupal server or may find they require features that are not available through the UDrupal service. To accommodate these users, we have made the UDrupal modules and themes available for download to enhance a basic Drupal installation.

For a list of modules currently supported on UDrupal servers, see our Supported Modules page.

How do you Install UDrupal?

If you wish to emulate the UDrupal service on your own server, you must first install Drupal. A Drupal installation requires that you have a Web server, a database server, and php installed and configured. At UD, we use the most stable releases of Apache, MySQL, and php. The UDrupal core installation is almost identical to a generic Drupal installation. We suggest working through the online lessons at These lessons give a good overview of the necessary equipment and software as well as how to install Drupal. For access to, follow the directions at the UD Web Tutorials learning site.

After successfully installing Drupal, you can download the most current UDrupal package. This package contains all the modules and themes available to users on the UDrupal servers. Look for the most recent version in the news section.