How do I request a new site?

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You can request a new Drupal site by calling the IT Help Center at 302-831-6000 or by sending e-mail to You must provide all of the following information:

  1. The name you would like for the site (e.g.,*).
  2. The site administrator's EmplID.
  3. The e-mail address from which e-mail will be sent.
  4. The UDelNet ID of the site administrator.

After you submit the request, you will be contacted to confirm the details of your request. The request will then be submitted, and you will be notified when your site is available. New Drupal site administrators and content providers are encouraged to seek out training opportunities offered by IT to help guide them with site creation, design, and development.

All UDrupal sites will use subdomains ( If you are interested in using, you will need to create a Web page "redirect," so that users will be pointed to the UDrupal server for your site. The domains are not crawled by Web search engines while on the UDrupal development server.