UDrupal_6.12_0.6 Released

UDrupal_6.12_0.6 has been released and is now installed on IT hosted UDrupal servers.

This release contains:

  • Drupal core 6.12 with all subsequent core security patches applied
  • UD supported modules
  • Customized UD Themes
  • UD CAS integration
  • Customizations to core and modules to increase multi-site security

Changes from last version:

  • Updated Mollom from 6.x-1.7 to 6.x-1.13
  • Updated Imagefield from 6.x-3.2 to 6.x-3.3
  • Updated Filefield from 6.x-3.2 to 6.x-3.3
  • Updated Views from 6.x-2.8 to 6.x-2.10
  • Updated Captcha from 6.x-2.0 to 6.x-2.2

Sites on drupal-dev.nss.udel.edu or www2.udel.edu are already running this version. Departments that are running their own Drupal instances that wish to use the latest UDrupal code can download it at: