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Arranging Blocks to Customize a Site


Blocks are boxes of content that are visible in an area (i.e., a region) of your page—for example the left- or right-hand sidebar. Because each theme has its own default regions, the location of a block depends on the modules and theme you use. Blocks are located on a site on a per-theme basis. To add a new block to your page, follow these steps.

Adding a new block

  1. Navigate to the Blocks page [Administer > Site building > Blocks].
  2. Click the add block tab.
  3. Type a Block description (required).
  4. Type a Block title.
  5. Insert the body content in the Block body.
  6. Set any User, Role, and Page specific visibility settings (optional).
  7. Click Save blocks.

Although the block is now created, it will not automatically be placed in a region. For the block to be visible on the site, you must identify the region in which you want it to appear.

Configuring a block

The Blocks page provides a drag-and-drop interface for assigning a block to a region as well as the order in which blocks appear. To configure a block, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Blocks page [Administer > Site building > Blocks].
  2. If necessary, click the list tab. You will see a section of the page with the blocks available and the regions in which you can move them, which should look similar to the following:

  3. Hover the mouse over the name of the block you want to move.
  4. Click on the block and vertically drag-and-drop the block into the region in which you want it to appear.
  5. Click configure to change specific block settings (optional).
  6. Click Save block.

Deleting a block

Only blocks created by the method outlined above can be deleted. Blocks created by default in a module can not be deleted using this method.

  1. Navigate to the Blocks administration page [Administer > Site building > Blocks]. Blocks that can be deleted will have a delete link associated with them. (See graphic above.)
  2. Click delete. You will see a page asking you to confirm this choice.
  3. Click Delete.
  4. Click Save blocks.


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