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Adding Images to Content

To add an image to the body of a page, story, or other content type, follow these steps: 

  1. Click the Insert/Edit Image button in your editor. (If you use an editor other than the one used here, this button will probably look different.)

    Image Button

  2. The Image Properties dialog box will open, which should look similar to the following:

  1. Select an image to insert into your page. In general, you can link to an image in the following two ways:
    1. To use an image already posted on another Web site, type its address in the URL box.
    2. To use an image already on your UDrupal Web site, click Browse Server (Uploading Files via IMCE instructions).
  2. Configure how the image looks within the body of your content. The selections that you make will appear in the Preview window using the following options:
    1. In the Alternative Text box, type a description of the image.
    2. In the Width and Height boxes, type values to change the dimensions of the image.
    3. In the Border box, type a value to add a black border around the image.
    4. In the HSpace box, type a value to add a horizontal white-space buffer around the image.
    5. In the VSpace box, type a value to add a vertical white-space buffer around the image.
    6. In the Align drop-down box, click the option to orient how your text and image are positioned (e.g., left-aligned, right-aligned, etc.).
    7. Click OK when you are finished.
  3. The File Browser window will appear, which should look similar to the following:

    File Browser

The File Browser widow displays the files available on your site: Available folders are listed in the Navigation column on the left; available files are listed on the right.

  1. Click the file name of the image you want to use.
  2. Click Send to FCKEditor (at the top of the window). The Image Properties dialog box will appear again.
  3. When you finish setting the image properties in the Image Properties dialog box, click OK.
  4. If you want to change an image's properties after you've inserted one, follow these steps:
    1. Click on the image.
    2. Click Insert/Edit Image to make the desired changes.
    3. Click OK.


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