Injury/Illness Reporting and Investigation Program

In an effort to maintain a safe and healthful campus/work environment, illnesses and injuries that occur on campus or during the course of employment with the University should be reported to determine cause. It is the intent of the University to minimize illnesses and injuries by correcting identified causes when appropriate and feasible.(See University of Delaware Policy 7‐3 Campus Injuries and Illnesses)

A University employee is an individual who is compensated for their activities at the University. Compensation may include payment or other forms of compensation for example room and board. Examples of student employees include: Resident Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Funded Graduate Students, Miscellaneous Wage Student Employees, etc.

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Near Miss Reporting

Near Miss Reporting is the identification and prevention an unsafe act or unsafe condition before it causes an injury or illness. The Near Miss Report web page explains Near Misses and how to report them.

For additional information regarding the accident reporting/investigation process, please e-mail DEHS or call the Department of Environmental Health & Safety at 831-8475. For employee workers compensation questions, please contact Labor Relations at (302)-831-8305.