Employee Illness/Injury Reporting and Investigation

A University employee is an individual who is compensated for their activities at the University. Compensation may include payment or other forms of compensation for example room and board. Examples of student employees include: Resident Assistants, Teaching Assistants, Funded Graduate Students, Miscellaneous Wage Student Employees, etc.

Employees are required to advise their departmental supervisors of all injuries and illnesses incurred during the course of their employment at the University. A First Report of Injury must be submitted to Juanita Crook in Labor Relations as soon as practical and a copy must be sent to the Department of Environmental Health and Safety (DEHS).

Departmental safety committees will assure that an investigation is conducted for all injuries that occur within their department. Investigations will be performed by the employee’s immediate supervisor or a Departmental safety committee member. The investigation findings are submitted on the Injury /Illness Loss Investigation Report to DEHS with a copy sent to Labor Relations.

Follow-up on corrective actions listed on these forms shall be the responsibility of the employee’s supervisor. DEHS will review the injury/illness report and investigation and conduct additional follow up as needed.


  • It is crucial that all forms be submitted and the injury/illness investigation be conducted as soon as possible after an injury or illness occurs.
  • Injured individuals shall not return to regular activities prior to receiving a release from their physician or the physician at Nurse Managed Health Center.
  • Contract employees, such as Aramark or Barnes & Noble, will complete their own injury/illness report forms. However, since they are considered part of the University community they are required to provide copies of these forms to DEHS or submit a First Report of Injury and Illness and an Injury Loss Investigation Report. Refer to University Policy 7-3 for additional information.
  • Several videos to assist with Injury/Illness Investigations can be borrowed from the DEHS office:
    • Accident Investigation in the Workplace
    • R.E.P.O.R.T. IT! (Near Miss Reporting)
    • Slips, Trips, and Falls

      This program is provided for the University of Delaware Community. To reserve a video concerning accident investigation, contact DEHS.

For additional information regarding reporting or investigating an employee illness/injury please e-mail DEHS or call x8475 for assistance.