Indoor Air Quality Program

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) program at the University of Delaware has been developed to respond to concerns relative to unhealthy building conditions as well as to proactively plan activities to prevent unhealthy building conditions from occurring. The program is jointly managed by Environmental Health & Safety and Facilities Management. Many others serve an important role such as: Custodial and Pest Control Services, Facilities Planning and Construction and Safety Committees and contact persons. Please read the introduction to gain a better understanding of this program area before visiting the other links.

More information on IAQ can be found in the links below. A list of the IAQ Committee members and the group's Mission Statement are also listed. Most importantly, the method to report an IAQ problem is listed for your information. Maintaining effective communications is critical in maintaining IAQ and certainly in mitigating issues. Hopefully this page will offer the contacts and information to improve communications on the subject of IAQ.

For questions regarding the IAQ program contact Jeff Work ( / 302-831-3971) or Ed Jackson ( / 302-831-0690).