Fireworks/Special Effects Procedures


Displays of fireworks/special effects may be deadly if not handled properly. Every display whether indoors or outdoors requires a permit issued by the local code authority. This procedure identifies key personnel and their responsibilities. It also gives important information to be considered.

Basic Procedure:

University Liaison- this UD employee is responsible to assure the following items are completed:

  • Contracts with a licensed fireworks vendor.
  • Gives a copy of this procedure to vendor. See attached cover letter.
  • Assures all paperwork is submitted to Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) no less than 30 days in advance of the event.
  • Assures the vendor has insurance in the minimum amount of $5,000,000 Comprehensive General Liability. University of Delaware must be listed as additional name insured. Copy of contract must be submitted and approved by the Director of Risk Management at extension 2971.
  • Advises vendor of emergency number (9-911 from UD phone or 911 from any other phone).
  • Notifies the following groups/persons of the proposed event by submitting a packet of all the required paperwork as submitted to the AHJ:

    UD DEHS, 831-8475, Room 132, General Services Bldg., 222 S. Chapel St., Newark, DE 19716, Attention UD Fire Protection Engineer/Fire Marshal.

    UD Department of Public Safety, Attention: Director, 79 Amstel Ave., Newark, DE 19716.

    UD Director of Facilities Management, Room 141, General Services Bldg, 222 South Chapel Street, Newark, DE 19716.

    Person responsible for property/facility where display will take place.

  • Where applicable, arrange with UD Grounds to mow fallout area immediately prior to the event to facilitate the search for hazardous debris.
  • Assure vendor completes items listed on the attached form, "Pyrotechnics Clearance Form." Section A of the form to be completed immediately after the initial display. Section B to be completed after the secondary search is made and the area is totally cleared and released back to the University of Delaware liaison.
  • A fallout area is designated depending on the type and size of the shells. This area is clearly shown on the record drawing. This area must be kept clear of all persons and visitor's vehicles. Generally speaking this area must be barricaded off or secured by an adequate number of security personnel who remain on-site until the next morning when the Clearance Form is completed. The liaison must assure this area is secured.
  • Assures that final clearance by person to whom the fallout area is released involves physically supervising vendors final daylight sweep and spot checks the area following vendor's sweep to verify their findings.
  • Forward a copy of the completed Pyrotechnics Clearance Form to UD Grounds.
  • After the event has concluded forward completed package to the Department of Environmental Health & Safety who will maintain record copy.

Questions regarding the fireworks procedures may be addressed to Kevin McSweeney or call 831-6847.