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Table of Contents The Web... You Want To Do It All
Tips, Tricks and The Process For Converting Your Images For The Web
  1. Setting up the Epson 1600 flatbed scanner with transparency top.
  2. Setting up the Scanners
    How to set up the Nikon slide and HP flatbed scanners for Web image scanning. (old)
  3. Tips for Scanning Images
    Tips on scanning for the optimal output to the JPEG and GIF formats.
  4. Photoshop Quick Fix Techniques
    How to change brightness/contrast, color correction, and Despeckling to remove Moiré patterns.
  5. JPEG and GIF Converting Tutorial
    A quick process for converting files to the JPEG and GIF formats (to be used after reading the preceding files).

Making an Animated GIF Old or New

Making Client-Side ImageMaps (USEMAP)
Old or New

Including Moving Clips On Your Web Page

Including Sound On Your Web Page

Converting your Presentations For Web Access

About Web Safe Colors and a Color Chart

Creating interesting pages has become an issue for many of us these days. It seems the Web changes almost daily, adding something new and improved almost every day: GIF and JPEG images, sound, movies, animated GIFs, shockwave presentations, and JAVA. A question to ask when making pages is what purpose are these images and animations going to serve. How will adding any one of the above enhancements add to the information you are presenting? They are all memory intensive and are a drain on an average computer's resources. In some instances, the pages can take minutes to download, sometimes causing the computer to freeze in the process. One of the most important things you can do as a Web page developer is to be a conscientious page designer. Don't add enhancements just because they are cool and new. Add them because it helps deliver your message in a clearer, useful way.
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