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Changing Your Desktop Presentation or Other Computer-Generated Images Into Slides

All the information you need to use the LFR

Tips for creating better presentations

Converting presentations for the web

Using your slides to create posters for output using the Smith large-format printer

Changing your presentations into overhead transparencies

Changing your computer presentation or computer images into slides is a fairly easy process. You need a piece of equipment with a special camera attached to it, which is connected to your computer. In our case, we use a Laser Graphics Film Recorder (LFR) and MacRascol software. The software will translate your file's RGB data into a format that the LFR understands. The LFR translates that data to regular daylight slide film.

What Presentation Software
User Services supports Keynote and PowerPoint for creating desktop, slide, and web presentations.  I would also include Adobe Acrobat in the desktop and web presentation family. User Servers offers instruction on using presentation software via classes, CDs, DVDs, and on-line resources.  

Faculty needing help with their presentations for classroom use can contact Academic Technology Services (IT-ATS) for personal assistance.

Be sure to check the User Ed class calendar regularly as new classes are regularly being developed and offered.

Instructional CDs and DVDs are available from the Pearson Hall training center.

Online resources can be found at:


Links to Presentation Resources

Reading Recommendations

Apple's Keynote web site
Apple's Discussion-Keynote
Apple's Keynote Support
Tutorials and themes to buy:
Keynote Theme Park
more themes to buy

Microsoft's Tutorial
Microsoft's PowerPoint page with downloadable templates
PowerPoint in the classroom
PowerPoint FAQ

Templates & Backgrounds to buy:

There are numerous books about how to create an effective presentation, no matter what software you use. At this point in time, I cannot recommend one in particular, as I have not looked at any of them. I can recommend some basic books to get you started.

Keynote Quickstart Guide - by Tom Negrino
Publisher: Peachpit Press - ISBN: 0321197755

Keynote: Fast & Easy - by Lisa A. Bucki
Publisher: Muska & Lipman/Premier-Trade - ISBN: 1592001297

AppleKeynote - Yahoo Group
To join this list, send a blank e-mail message to:

PowerPoint Quickstart Guide - by Rick Altman & Rebecca Altman
Publisher: Peachpit Press - ISBN: 0321193954
Note: Be sure to check the version of your software and operating system before you buy this book.

PowerPoint - Yahoo Group

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