Campus Computer, Electronic Equipment and Office Supplies Recycling

United States Environmental Protection Agency regulations mandate that computer and electronic equipment must not be placed in dumpsters or sent to a municipal landfill for disposal. Computer and electronic equipment contains hazardous materials such as lead, silver, mercury, and chromium. These materials can be found in circuit boards, batteries, and color cathode ray tubes (CRTs). For example, televisions and CRT monitors, on average, contain four pounds of lead. Mercury from electronics has been cited as a leading source of mercury in municipal waste. In addition, brominated flame-retardants are commonly added to plastics used in electronics. If improperly handled, these toxins can be released into the environment. Prior to recycling University Equipment, please review Universit Policy 5-6 Use and Disposal of University Equipment and Material for proper procedure. This equipment must be recycled through Supporting Services. Contact them at 831-2157 to have your department's out-of-service computer and electronic equipment removed and recycled. Please contact EHS at 831-8475 for more information on recycling and waste management. Refer to the following table for the proper recycling and disposal option of departmental equipment/supplies:

Material Recycling Information University Contact
Televisions, Monitors, Computers, Computer Peripherals,
Audio/Stereo Equipment, VCRs, DVD Players, Video Cameras, Telephones, Fax and Copy Machines, Cellular Phones, Wireless Devices, Video Game Consoles, Laboratory Equipment
Contact Campus Delivery & Movers at 831-2157 for pick-up and recycling. NOTE: All laboratory equipment must be decontaminated prior to recycling. Contact Environmental Health & Safety for assistance. Chondra DAmato or 831-2157
Used Toner and Toner Cartridges Contact Campus Delivery & Movers at 831-2157 for pick-up and recycling. Chondra DAmato or 831-2157
Used Color Printer Cartridges Return to the Manufacturer. For Hewlett Packard Solutions, go to for directions on recycling. EHS or x8475
Alkaline 9 volt, AA, AAA, C, D or other small Alkaline Batteries Take to a Delaware Solid Waste Authority Recycling Center located on Campus. EHS or x8475
Ni-Cd, Lead Acid, Car or other Batteries Contact Environmental Health & Safety for pick-up and recycling. EHS or x8475
All other recyclable material such as paper, plastic, metal or empty aerosol cans. Place in appropriate collection bins in the office or around campus or take to a Delaware Solid Waste Authority Recycling Center located on campus.
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