Responsibilities of the Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officer

The Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officer has the responsibility as defined in the OSHA Laboratory Standard and the University Chemical Hygiene Plan, to implement the Chemical Hygiene Plan thus ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements and maintaining a safe work environment. The Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officer has the following duties:

  • Ensure all activities related to the use of hazardous chemicals in laboratories are conducted in a safe manner as well as in compliance with OSHA regulations as specified in 29 CFR Part 1910.1450.
  • Provide reports at the department Safety Committee meetings on chemical hygiene activities performed.
  • Work with principal investigator's (PI's) to develop, review and approve Job Hazard Analysis and Standard Operating Procedures detailing all aspects of proposed research activities that involve hazardous materials.
  • Work with the PI's on the approval process for the purchase of highly toxic, reactive, carcinogenic or other inherently hazardous materials.
  • Investigate and complete a report for chemical related incidents and exposures in their department.
  • Provide guidance with personal protective equipment selection based on the findings in the job hazard analysis.
  • Work as a liaison with the University Chemical Hygiene Officer and the Department of Environmental Health & Safety to ensure compliance.
  • Disseminate chemical safety information throughout their department via emails, posting, and other forms of communications.
  • Provide general chemical safety guidance to department staff, students and faculty.
  • Make copies of the approved Chemical Hygiene Plan available to the program and support staff.
  • Facilitate the use of the Laboratory Management Program by the Principal Investigators.
  • Facilitate Chemical Hygiene Plan training for all laboratory workers in the department.

Questions regarding the Departmental Chemical Hygiene Officers should be forwarded to Chemical Hygiene Officer or call 831-8475.