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Although the Delaware coast lost sizable swaths of sandy beach, and some homes were swamped, the state largely dodged a demon named Sandy in October, as the freak storm saved its hardest punches for the New Jersey and New York coasts.

Yet the superstorm's path of destruction along the East Coast has raised new questions and concerns about climate change, extreme weather, rising seas and what may lie ahead—a "new normal"—as UD's Gerald Kauffman refers to it....

Overcoming Violence

Overcoming violence through opportunity on the streets of Black America

Man faces murder charges. City's 19th homicide victim killed. Yasser Payne sees the headlines. But for the UD prof, a far more meaningful story is told.
Fighting Parkinson's Disease

Taking steps to fight Parkinson's disease

The PDShoe, an ordinary beach shoe equipped with force sensors and a simple vibration system, shows promise in managing one of the most distressing symptoms of Parkinson's disease — freezing of gait.
UD's Bio-Imaging Center

Magnify this!

We've come a long way since the first microscope was built, circa 1595. Today, UD's Bio-Imaging Center staff can illuminate an amazing, hidden world.
STAR Campus

A STAR comes into focus

A 272-acre site, once the Newark Chrysler Assembly Plant, is taking shape as UD's Science, Technology and Advanced Research (STAR) Campus.
My seasonal job

My seasonal job

Each October, Joel Best fields a lot of calls from reporters. You see, he is the world's leading authority on poisoned Halloween candy.
2012: Year in Review

2012: A year in review

UD surpassed $140 million in sponsored research expenditures for the first time in history. We highlight just a few of the year's movers and shakers.