University of Delaware
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UD grad student studies snow leopards

University of Delaware graduate student Shannon Kachel set up cameras in Tajikistan to study snow leopards. Check out the snow leopard mom and her cubs in this video.

Ka-ching! Your car as a cash machine

With a test fleet of 15 Mini-Coopers, University of Delaware researchers have proven that all-electric vehicles don't just plug in to take power from the grid, now they can give power back and get paid for it.


University of Delaware engineers Juejun Hu and Chaoying Ni are developing a super-sensitive sensor for detecting environmental pollutants, and potentially, human diseases.

Hurricane Sandy

In October 2013, UD computer research specialist Matt Shatley produced this computer animation showing the explosive development of Hurricane Sandy and the superstorm's unusual track.

Family Dynamics

View Professor Trask's 18-minute talk at TEDxWilmington.

A Fantastic Voyage

Professor Ness discusses the Voyager mission in this video clip.

Researchers Solve Shipwreck Mystery

Watch a video clip about the discovery of the W.R. Grace.

Taking steps to fight Parkinson's disease

See the PDShoe in action in this video.

On the Front Lines: UD Scientist Sees Arctic Ice Loss Firsthand

In this video. Professor Muenchow shows the Arctic sea that was ice free for the first time in ages.