Safety Tips

The University of Delaware is committed to maintaining a safe environment for the members of its community. University of Delaware Police Officers and Public Safety Aides regularly patrol campus by day and during the late-night hours, and a free walking escort program is offered by calling (302) 831-2222 or by using one of the many blue light emergency phones located across campus. Blue light phone locations are indicated by blue dots on this map. Also, aides maintain a presence on UD shuttle buses during late-night runs.

Members of the University community can assist these efforts by practicing good personal safety habits.


  • Show a confident attitude and be alert and aware of your surroundings. Follow common sense safety precautions at all times.
  • Avoid walking alone at night. Walk with a group, ride a UD shuttle bus or call (302) 831-2222 for a walking escort.
  • Use crosswalks and pedestrian crossing signals to cross streets.
  • Keep your doors locked (room and vehicle). Do not prop open residence doors – this is an invitation for trespassers.
  • Do not lend keys, ID or building access cards to anyone.
  • Immediately report all maintenance problems, such as broken locks and windows.
  • Identify all valuables, and register computers with Public Safety. Please register bicycles with Parking Services.
  • Especially for women, Public Safety offers Rape Aggression Defense classes.
  • Do not walk on or alongside railroad tracks, and only cross at designated sites, observing the warning signals.
  • Report all suspicious activity by calling 911 from on or off campus.

And, keep informed. UD’s philosophy is to fully publicize campus-related crime to ensure the campus community is made aware of public health and safety issues. News of crime incidents on or near campus, are reported via the campus news service, UDaily. Individuals can also subscribe to the opt-in Crime Alert Service to receive emails about each incident.

If you are a crime victim, report the crime to the police as soon as possible. Detailed descriptions of the suspects are invaluable to investigators, as are details such a license plate numbers or types or vehicles.