The LiveSafe App: Quick and Convenient Access to Safety

Get started now:

  1. Download the app from iTunes or Google Play
  2. Select "University of Delaware" as your school
  3. Fill in your name and contact information

A notice about SAFE UD:

This academic year the University of Delaware is unveiling a new public awareness campaign on campus safety. With the theme "A safe UD begins with me," the campaign is designed to remind the members of the University community to be aware of what's going around them and to encourage them to protect themselves and their colleagues by reporting anything suspicious to UD Police. Throughout the coming year, the campaign will be expanded to address other campus safety issues, such as responsible use of alcohol, sexual assault, lab safety and Internet security. Learn more at

Why develop this program at UD?

The University of Delaware has launched a smartphone safety app that helps campuses prevent crime and better respond to incidents, helping make students even safer while at school. The app, called LiveSafe, modernizes communication between the campus community and safety officials by leveraging key components of smartphone technology, including GPS-location, camera, and text capabilities. It allows UDel students, faculty and staff to directly and seamlessly contact UDPD for a range of safety issues.

LiveSafe's core features include quick tip submittal via text with picture and video attachments (including the option to stay anonymous), live chat with safety officials, fast access to emergency phone numbers that initiate location tracking when dialed, a comprehensive safety map that pinpoints incidents on or near campus, and a peer-to-peer location monitoring with concurrent group chat feature called SafeWalk. Additionally, app users can receive important broadcast notifications sent by UDPD.

Use the LiveSafe app to:

  • Connect with campus police: Share information and safety concerns with police via text, with picture, video and audio attachments, and the option to stay anonymous. You can even start a live chat.
  • Let your friends help keep you safe: Use peer-to-peer location tracking with group chat so friends can monitor and talk to you as you move.
  • Have fast access to info: Have a faster way to access emergency help, telephone numbers, and important safety information and resources.
  • Use a safety map: See where the latest campus incidents have occurred and nearby safety locations.
  • Stay up-to-date: Get important safety notifications from campus police.

LiveSafe is free for all members of the University of Delaware community to download.