Special Operations

Criminal Investigations

The UDPD Criminal Investigations Unit (CIU) is assigned criminal and administrative cases that are not cleared through preliminary investigations. The CIU prepares cases for prosecution, conducts follow up investigations and is home to the department’s crime analysis division. Detectives assist the uniformed patrol division with evidence collection, preservation and analysis of physical evidence, and interviewing witnesses and suspects. They investigate most significant incidents that occur on the University of Delaware campus. This unit utilizes statistical, demographic and geographic analysis of incident data to help direct patrol activities with the goals of crime prevention and effective enforcement. The Criminal Investigation Unit consists of 5 detectives with varying degrees of experience and training. They all receive specialized training in case management, evidence collection techniques, crime scene investigation, forensic evidence processing, interview and interrogation techniques and criminal intelligence.

Community Resource Unit

The Community Resource Unit (CRU) focuses on community oriented policing initiatives that build positive relationships with the community. This includes proactive patrol, presenting community programs to the University and surrounding communities, and social media networking. The unit also assists other law enforcement agencies within the state with special initiatives like Special Olympics of Delaware. The Community Resource Unit is responsible for providing dozens of safety related presentations, including active shooter response and R.A.D. Women’s Self Defense classes, to students, faculty, and staff on campus. Through these presentations, they reach hundreds of community members and provide them with lifesaving information to keep them safe and build partnerships. The unit works closely with the University of Delaware Criminal Justice department to host a credited course, Critical Issues in Policing, to receive 13 weeks of both classroom and field instruction regarding the various responsibilities facing our officers. CRU also initiated a credited Internship Program that allows students weekly interaction with the various functions of the police department. The unit currently consists of three officers who are committed to building relationships on campus and educating our community.

Security and Events Management

The Special Operations Division provides many services including event security, escorts, building checks, etc. The UD Police Department covers numerous events throughout the year, including home football games, concerts, DUI checkpoints, and commencements. Officers are also tasked with providing security for VIP visitors such as politicians, state governors, high profile speakers and local celebrities. The department supports more than 450 events each year. Many of the events are large scale; however the department covers a number of small-scale events as well. A tremendous amount of personnel hours are used to cover these assignments. All members of the department that are assigned to work events are given specific instructions on the management of that event. The officers working these events are tasked with keeping the event safe and enjoyable for all that attend.

For information on how to request event security or special events send an email to specialevents@udel.edu.