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Frame Grabbing, Video Capture, Media Grabbing-these are all ways describing the same thing...getting your video image, moving or still, off the video tape and into the computer.

There are a number of ways to capture moving and still images in the Recitation Hall Computing Site. Some of the programs not only grab the images but are also movie editors.

Many of the capture programs will also grab the sounds associated with the movie you are grabbing. Also available in the site is a sound editing package for the manipulation of sound files. These sound files can be extracted from a video grab, recorded on the computer, or could come from a sound supplier on disk or CD. Once the sound file is grabbed, it could then be edited. Once the editing is complete, it can be placed in the movie editing software and added to your movie, or you may choose to save it as a stand alone sound file.

There are three playback and recording options avaliable in the site: They are: VHS, SVHS, and a HI-8 video. As a fourth option, you may bring in your own video camera and capture your data straight from it. Please note that if use this option, the Site Assistant on duty will make the connection for you. If you would like to see what hardware and software is available in the site, please visit these pages.

Apple Video Player Apple Video Player
Avid Video WorkShop Avid Video WorkShop CD
Adobe Premier Adobe Premier CD
Media Grabber SoundEdit Pro

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