Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar

December 2016

For the second time this year, the BADER Consortium has collaborated with other military health organizations to produce a special supplement to Military Medicine, the International Journal of AMSUS.

Left to Right – Ken Kaufman (BADER), Bill Oldnam (TLIF), Fred Cecere (TLIF), and Steven Stanhope (BADER) in attendance at the 2016 AMSUS meeting.

Raising the Bar: Extremity Trauma Care,” was produced in partnership with the Thought Leadership & Innovation Foundation (TLIF), the Extremity Trauma and Amputation Center of Excellence (EACE) and the Center for Rehabilitation Sciences Research (CRSR). It focuses on the collaboration and innovation that is taking place in today’s military health system.

Today’s wounded soldiers have access to cutting-edge medical care, technology and research efforts in the seconds following their injury, making it possible to reach optimal outcomes for this high-performing group. This kind of success is the result in part of a synergistic approach taken by BADER, the EACE and CRSR to identify and develop research capabilities that translate advances into clinical care.

The 80-page supplement highlights the many examples of how military health professionals are “raising the bar” when it comes to finding ways to work together to address the complex needs of combat wounded soldiers.

The issue includes an article about the BADER Consortium and how it relies on strong partnerships with military treatment facilities (MTFs) to strengthen and support orthopaedic rehabilitation research. You also can read about some of the latest research taking place at these MTFs.

The BADER Consortium is proud to be part of the effort to help wounded service members return to their highest level of function following a traumatic limb injury. This supplement provides a snapshot of the ways our University of Delaware staff, funded through BADER, are making a difference.