The Bridging Advanced Developments for Exceptional Rehabilitation (BADER) Consortium supported the advancement of nationwide orthopaedic rehabilitation research capabilities at U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) medical treatment facilities (MTFs), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) sites and civilian clinical settings across the country.

The goal was to help injured service members and civilians benefit from significant research advances allowing them to fully return to their previously active lifestyles, and if desired, active duty.

The administrative offices of the BADER Consortium were housed at the University of Delaware. Its research work took place at affiliated research locations across the country.

In addition to funding innovative, high-impact and clinically relevant research projects, the Consortium deployed University of Delaware hired staff to study locations as well as provided administrative and scientific assistance to develop a research infrastructure at these locations. The budget model committed 74% of the funding for study implementation and capacity building efforts.

  • Initiative Launching Studies 41%
  • Research Capacity Building Components 33%
  • Research Support Component 26%