Security Tools and Services

Security Tools and Services

IT offers software, services, and other tools to help the campus community protect IT resources. Although IT can perform some tasks on behalf of the University, everyone has a role to play in protecting the University, the community, and IT resources from harm. These tools and services will assist you in practicing security as you go about your other responsibilities.

Use the following resources to help you secure University information and IT devices.




Cloud service security review

Cloud service and contract review to ensure that cloud vendors are accountable for appropriately securing University information

Computer management

Management service for University computers that automates updating, anti-virus, and other basic security functions.

Anti-virus software

University-licensed advanced anti-virus software for computers that process, store, or transmit sensitive University information.

Contact your unit's IT professional

Emergency requests to disable an account

Please note: Requests to disable account access should be provided in advance to facilitate timely processing.

During business hours (M - F 8:00 am - 4:30 pm EST, excluding holidays), submit requests to AND call x6000 to escalate your request.

During non-business hours, submit requests to

Firewall customization

Local network firewall adjustments to offer customized protection.

Higher Education Community Vendor Assessment Toolkit (HECVAT)

Preliminary security questionnaire to be completed by prospective vendors prior to contract or agreement approval.

IT backup service

Central backup service for centrally-managed systems and servers and for unit servers.

PIN retirement

Replace your UDelNet PIN with security questions and a more secure password.

Policy exception requests

Download the Secure UD Policy Exception Request form, complete all required information (including signatures) and submit the form to

Secure device disposal

Central disposal service for secure disposal of IT devices.

Secure UD Compliance and Risk Survey (Secure UD CARS)

A lightweight, streamlined assessment tool that helps you evaluate, understand, and improve your unit's information security posture. Includes a survey, instant compliance and risk report, and risk management strategy template to assist you with planning and measuring your unit's security efforts.

Last updated: 30 May 2018
Current version: v1.11

Units that handle Protected Health Information (PHI/ePHI) and are covered entities under HIPAA, or that handle cardholder information subject to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), should complete the Secure UD Risk Assessment Tool instead of the Secure UD CARS.

Secure UD Consultation

IT is available to assist your unit in understanding and managing your information- and IT-related risks.

Secure UD Contractor Confidentiality Agreement

A written agreement that documents the responsibility of contract personnel to appropriately University information as they provide services to the University.

Last updated: 28 February 2018
Current version: v1.00

Secure UD Data Governance & Security Program (Secure UD DGSP)

The University's comprehensive plan for information security and risk management. This document includes an explanation of the University's risk management framework and the administrative, operational, and technical security controls for securing IT resources.

Last updated: 28 February 2018
Current version: v1.10

Secure UD End User Acknowledgement

A written agreement that documents the responsibility of each end user to appropriately manage the IT resources in their care.

Last updated: 18 February 2020
Current version: v1.11

Secure UD Managing Research Data Risks

Checklist to assist researchers in identifying and planning to manage risks to their project data.

Last updated: 6 September 2017

Secure UD Research Security Plan Tool

Self-documenting security plan to assist researchers in identifying and documenting security measures to protect their projects.

Last updated: 26 January 2018

Secure UD Risk Assessment Tool

A tool to assist you in evaluating and managing risks to your unit's data. Includes a data survey, assessment, instant risk report, and risk management strategy template to assist you with managing your unit's data risks.

Last updated: 30 May 2018
Current version: v1.00

Secure UD Security Plan Tool

A tool to assist you with creating and maintaining your unit's information security plan, which lays the groundwork for managing your unit's information risk.

Last updated: 28 February 2018
Current version: v1.10

Secure UD Training

Information security awareness training for University employees.

Secure UD Vulnerability Assessment Tool

A tool to assist you with evaluating vulnerabilities and determining a rough risk score.

Last updated: 4 March 2020
Current version: v2.0

Electronic & Information Technology Procurement Form

Standard internal questionnaire that assists your unit in describing the cloud services you want to acquire and how they'll affect your unit and the University.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

System service protecting UDelNet accounts by requiring a second factor (a security code) in addition to password authentication.


Creates a secure connection for accessing University systems remotely.