UD computer management tool

UD computer management tool

The University provides a central computer management service for faculty and staff computers (including desktop and laptop computers). Management may be handled by IT or by your unit; some units have specific configurations that cater to their employees' specific data needs.

The computer management service is available only to faculty and staff. University-owned or operated computers must be managed centrally by either IT or the unit responsible for that computer.


Contact the IT Support Center to discuss availability and features.

Service details

IT offers a standard computer management package. Individual units may have customized offerings based on unit data needs.

The computer management service is not used to monitor user activity or read user files.

Management of a specific computer function does not necessarily exclude user involvement. For example, a user with a demonstrated need for administrator account access may retain that access on a managed system.

Using the service

To request use of the computer management service, contact your unit IT professional or submit a Help Request to the IT Support Center.