Special Units

The Special Units Division provides many specialized services, including events management, building security, and bank runs.

Security and Events Management

The Special Units Division provides many services including event security, escorts, building checks, etc. The UD Police Department covers numerous events throughout the year, including home football games, concerts, DUI checkpoints, and commencements. Officers are also tasked with providing security for VIP visitors such as the Vice President, state governors, high profile speakers and local celebrities. The department supports more than 450 events each year. Many of the events are large scale; however the department covers a number of small-scale events as well. A tremendous amount of personnel hours are used to cover these assignments. All members of the department that are assigned to work events are given specific instructions on the management of that event. The officers working these events are tasked with keeping the event safe and enjoyable for all that attend.

To request event security or special services submit a Request for Services form. A separate form must be completed for each account code used. Each individual user has the responsibility for rectifying reverse charge and/or third party billing discrepancies with the department who requested the charge.

Satellite Campus Operations (Wilmington/Lewes)

The UD Police Department maintains a Police presence on the Wilmington Campus and the Hugh R. Sharp Campus in Lewes, with the Special Units Division Commander overseeing the uniformed security services division for those areas. The department currently employs one Constable and 5 Security Officers at the Lewes Campus and one Police Officer at the Wilmington Campus.

Constables are commissioned by the State of Delaware and have the same duties and powers as law enforcement officers. In addition to supervising the Security Officers, the Lewes Constable patrols, responds to calls for service, conducts investigations, makes arrests, completes incident reports, testifies in court hearings, assists outside law enforcement agencies, provides medical transports and executes active warrants. The Lewes Constable also enforces procedural rules and regulations, ensures the personal safety of staff, visitors and property and maintains security and safety for the southern campus.

In addition, the Lewes Constable plans and assesses needs for special events held on campus and consults regularly with the dean, facilities manager, Virden Center manager, local law enforcement officials and city officials to evaluate safety and security needs and procedures for Sharp Campus. The Wilmington campus serves a largely older adult student population through the Osher Lifelong Learning Program, as well as special events and conferences with attendance ranging from a handful to several hundred participants.