How to Publish a Student Organization Web Page

Before you begin to use these instructions, read the Summary for Creating Student Organization Web Pages for an overview of the process and for important information on Web page creation software.

Student organizations, with proper authorization, can publish Web pages that can be linked from the UD Registered Student Organizations home page.

Apply for a Web page directory

Note: All student organizations must complete the Application for Registered Student Organization Home Page every fall.

Before requesting authorization, read Use of Computing Resources for Home Pages and Guidelines for Home Pages. Then, fill out an application for a Home Page for your organization by choosing the appropriate link link below:

View your Web directory

Once authorization is granted, you will receive notification that your organization's home page directory is ready for use. To check whether your directory has been created, log on to Copland and type

     cd ~www/docs/stu-org

This command produces an alphabetical list of student organization Web directories. When your directory is ready, you can make your Web files available to anyone with a Web browser. You will need to create and publish your Web site files. Once your site is published, you can request that it be linked from the Student Organizations' home page if it doesn't have a link already.

  1. At times, you may need to access your Web directory on Copland to work with your files. You can create a link that will allow you to change to your student organization directory using the UNIX "cd" command. Log on to Copland and create a link to your group directory.
  2. Create your HTML files and publish them in your organization's home directory. It is very important that you name your home page index.html.
  3. Request a link to your site from the UD Activities and Programs Office. Be sure to include your organization's name and the URL of your page.