Guidelines for Home Pages

  • Read and understand the Policy for Responsible Computing and the Policy for Student Use of Computing Resources for Home Pages. The University reserves the right to delete home pages that do not conform to these policies.
  • Be aware that there are state and federal laws that prohibit the creation and distribution of obscene material, especially where it may be available to minors.
  • Learn the proper ways to credit the authors or owners of pictures or words you may want to use. The UD Libraries Web site provides information on copyright issues.
  • Imagine your home page spread out on the front page of the daily newspaper. You are really publishing. Your audience could be large and widespread. Make sure you create a good impression of yourself. Keep your home page up-to-date. Browse the home pages available currently for UD student organizations for some good ideas.
  • Ask first if you're thinking about publishing personal information about others. Get their permission.
  • Understand that you may use the small interlocking UD image only as a link back to the UD home page ( Student organizations may use other UD logos on their Web pages, but other UD logos cannot be used on an individual student's personal home page. See the Office of Communications & Marketing Web site for more information.