Summary for Creating Student Organization Web Pages

  1. All the instructions you need are in the Publishing Registered Student Organization Web Pages Web site.
  2. If your organization does not have a Web page, fill out the Application for a Registered Student Organization Home Page for your group.
  3. If your organization already has a Web page, use the "Application for a Registered Student Organization Home Page" form for your group to add new people to your Web project.
    • A common problem when new people try to publish files is that they receive a message that they don't have permission to publish to the directory.

      Solution: All files and directories must be set up so that everyone on the project can publish to them. Follow the directions for setting file protections.
    • Anyone who creates files for a student organization should always make sure the files have the correct project number and protection.
    • If your files are not protected correctly:

      1. If the person who created them is still on the project, that person should log in and change the file protections.
      2. If the person who created them is no longer on the project, send e-mail and ask to have the new person made owner of the files.
  4. Creating and Publishing your files
    • Supported programs:
      Commercial page design programs (Dreamweaver)
      SSH Secure Shell File Transfer program for Windows systems (available for download from
      Fetch for Macintosh systems (available for download from
    • Page name:
      Name your home page index.html so that people can find it easily. If your page is named index.html, it loads automatically when someone types the directory name (e.g., "" brings up the home page called "index.html" for the Harrington Theatre Arts Company.)
    • Publishing location for student organization files:


    • Have your page linked from the RSO page:
      When your page is online, ask to have it linked from the Registered Student Organization Web site if it isn't already.