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Richard F. Heck
Professor Emeritus Richard Heck, who was awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, added more honors to his portfolio this spring as he returned to UD for “Richard F. Heck Day,” a scholarly symposium focused on his groundbreaking research and an honorary doctor of science degree presented at Commencement.
environmentally friendly shoe

Putting their best
foot forward

An interdisciplinary team of students and faculty is combining science and engineering with merchandising and design to create shoes and clothing made with renewable materials, including plant oils and chicken feathers. The fashionable result has earned accolades as the apparel industry seeks to become more environmentally sound.

UD at the Philadelphia flower show

Creativity blossoms in
sustainable design

Visitors to this year’s Philadelphia Flower Show were treated to an exhibit straight out of a Paris street scene, with charming facades, and a catacomb theme. But the award-winning exhibit, conceived and constructed through UD’s Delaware Design Institute, also educated visitors by demonstrating practical ways to save and reuse rainwater.

graphic diamond

UD's impact on
its home state

From its 3,900 employees to its numerous construction projects to its role as an engine of innovation and growth, Delaware’s flagship university plays a key role in the state’s economic health. This year’s Diamond Report highlights the extent to which UD—through its faculty, staff, students and alumni—contributes to the Diamond State.

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