University of Delaware
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A hub for 21st-century science

The ISE Lab Cometh

Innovation by Design

ISE Lab features top facilities for analyzing and imaging soils to solar cells, and for fabricating nanosized inventions visible only under high-powered microscopes. It also includes—on all four floors—classrooms and instructional labs side-by-side, dedicated to teaching students through hands-on problem-solving.


A Hub for 21st-Century Science >

The ISE Lab Cometh >

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Renewable energy. Spintronics (the revolutionary faster, more energy-efficient next generation of electronics). Sea-level rise. Pollution. Challenges and opportunities have faced every human generation. But now the issues are so complex, the scales often so great, that experts in multiple areas are needed to address them.

UD's ISE Lab marks a new direction for academic facilities. From its classes and offices designed to foster collaboration, to its living "green" rooftop, the 194,000-square-foot facility is a novel hub for the science of the future.

It's a place where new problem solvers will be trained. It's a place where new teaching approaches will be employed. And it's a place where innovation will be cultivated. It also offers specialized facilities for nanoscale manufacturing and the development of advanced materials, benefiting researchers in academia, industry and government across the Mid-Atlantic region and beyond.

Going Green

ISE Lab was constructed following the standards of the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Silver designation. Three green roofs absorb rainwater, reducing runoff, as well as help insulate the building.

The brand-new facility brings together students and faculty from various disciplines to teach, learn and conduct research in a collaborative environment. Research will provide content for the curriculum, and students will learn through exploration of real-world problems.

Inside you will not find large lecture halls. No classroom holds more than 48 students. ISE Lab's fourproblem-based instructional laboratories feature lab spaces adjoining classrooms, so students can discuss a problem and immediately test a solution.

Eight general instruction classrooms include the latest in educational technology and mobile furniture, allowing for flexibility of seating arrangements to suit group or individual work, preparing students for the future workplace.


Faculty members from different disciplines will work side by side in an open space without partitions.