UD PAC (University of Delaware Police Advisory Council)

Serving the University of Delaware community, the purpose of the UD Police Advisory Council (UD PAC) is to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas and to discuss issues impacting the UD community. The discussions are intended to be open, honest and engaging. The UD PAC acts in a proactive manner to:

  • Discuss crime prevention programs with an emphasis on community oriented policing
  • Discuss safety enhancing issues to improve campus climate
  • Build trust to address community concerns related to the quality of life
  • Collaborate to improve upon the delivery of police services to the UD community

Role of Individual Members

The UD PAC meetings are open and anyone is welcome to attend. The role of individual UD PAC members is to represent their constituencies by providing input, which reflects the concerns, visions, and ideas of their portion of the community. UD PAC members will report back to their community with information on Council activities and gather input from the community to share with the UD PAC.

Role of the Chief of Police

The Chief will lead the meetings and will primarily focus on listening to issues raised by the members. The Chief will be transparent when discussing police matters, while respecting the victim’s privacy and confidentiality afforded to involved police officer(s) under the Peace Officers Bill of Rights. The Chief may also suggest issues to be brought before the UD PAC.

Meeting Agendas

On a regular basis, UD PAC members and the Chief of Police may add items to the UD PAC agenda by emailing them to the coordinator. These items are included on the agenda of upcoming meetings and give the UD PAC the opportunity to discuss a variety of issues. Agenda items include areas of interest to the UD PAC, critical issues, and upcoming campus events. The UD PAC will meet twice during each of the fall and spring semesters, or the Chief may announce additional meetings based on a notable or controversial event involving the campus community.

UD PAC Board Members – 2020/2021 Academic Year represented the following groups:

  • Undergraduate Student Government Association
  • Graduate Student Government Association
  • Black Student Union
  • Resident Student Association
  • Fraternity and Sorority Community
  • Student Athlete Advisory Committee

2021/2022 meeting dates:

  • Fall Semester meeting #1 - 10/14/21 6:30 pm in Pekins Student Center - Ewing Room
  • Fall Semester meeting #2 - 12/9/21 6:30 pm in Pekins Student Center - Collins Room
  • Spring Semester meeting #1 - 2/24/22 6:30pm in Pekins Student Center - Ewing Room
  • Spring semester meeting #2 - 4/28/22 6:30pm in Pekins Student Center - Ewing Room