Some potential areas of research

Chemical Engineering

  1. Conducting polymer nanofilms
  2. Development of novel catalysts for hydrogen generation

Chemistry and Biochemistry

  1. Electronic properties of layered structures
  2. High efficiency electrolysis
  3. Electron transfer and energetics of organic and biological molecules on semiconductor substrates

Economics and Policy

  1. Climate change policy and its impacts on the competitiveness of renewables
  2. Economic modeling of renewables with special attention to PV economics
  3. Well-to-wheels modeling of carbon emissions for US transport with specific scenarios for H2 vehicle market penetration under different policy scenarios Electronic materials, including organic and inorganic semiconductors

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  1. In GaN solar cells
  2. Liquid/semiconductor and polymer/semiconductor solar cells and electrochemical solar cells
  3. Silicon solar cells

Materials Science

  1. Interface science, chemistry and its effect on charge transfer.
  2. Photoelectron spectroscopic charactizations of electronic materials and their interfaces

Mechanical Engineering

  1. Thermo-chemical methods for hydrogen production
  2. PEM Fuel Cells for next generation Hybrid Vehicles

Physics and Astronomy

  1. Nanostructural high efficiency solar cells including molecular beam epitaxy quantum dot and quantum well solar cells
  2. Properties of gases on carbon nanotubes and other carbon structures
  3. Interfacial water in fuel cells and porous media


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