This is the FINAL year of IGERT applications and unfortunately, we are no longer taking
applications for Fall 2009

The Solar Hydrogen Program invites applications for PhD students interested in a high profile, cutting edge sustainable energy program, focusing on photovoltaics, fuels cells, catalytic processes in fuel cells and fuel reforming, hydrogen storage and energy policy and economics.

There are two areas that potential applicants can apply in:

Firstly, if your interest is in either Science or Engineering then apply for your PhD in one of the following areas:

- Electrical and Computer Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering
- Chemical Engineering
- Materials Science and Engineer
- Chemistry and Biochemistry OR
- Physics


If your interest is in a PhD from a non-engineering discipline (like Economics and Policy) then either apply through the Economics department, or through CEEP where you might be interested in completing a PhD in Energy and Environmental Policy.

If you choose to take the conventional PhD route in which your main discipline is in either Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths you would be involved in the IGERT as an IGERT Scholar and be provided with the generous stipend in your first and third years. Your second and fourth years would be funded at normal departmental rates.

However, if your main discipline is in a non-engineering discipline, you would be accepted onto the course as an IGERT Affiliate and be funded at conventional departmental rates instead. These are those students who come from a non-science or engineering discipline, such as policy and economics, but who have the background to enable them to understand the techinical issues in a solar hyrogen system.

Please remember that only US citizens and permanent residents of the US wishing to apply in engineering and the sciences are eligible to apply. In particular, special consideration is given to enhance the involvement of under-represented students.


Students interested in the Sustainable Energy from Solar Hydrogen IGERT must complete the following two processes:

  • You first must apply to the Office of Graduate Studies at the University of Delaware for your chosen PhD. Fill out the online application form at:

The deadline for Applications for Fall 2009 is March 1st, 2009. However, students are encouraged to apply early, as applications will begin to be evaluated in late January 2009.

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