hydrogen orbitals


I spent six weeks in summer 2008 interning in the Functional Materials Lab (FML) at GE's China Technology Center (CTC) in Shanghai, China. I worked on FML's nascent cadmium telluride solar cell project, determining the effect of ion-assisted deposition on the crystallinity of CdTe thin films. While there, I also did a research survey on third-generation PV technologies to present to the FML team, and got a great introduction to GE culture and career development thanks to my supervisor, Dr. Michael Hong.

My colleagues were extraordinarily welcoming and GE was a wonderful place to work. Cultural highlights included organizing weekly English Club meetings, competing with CTC's swim team, and eating some seriously weird, yet delicious, food. Among the multitude of Mandarin phrases I picked up was (Wo xihuan chi fan la) - I like spicy food!

I ended my internship with a trip to Hangzhou and Beijing, where I got to watch the U.S. Olympic men's soccer team get trounced by Nigeria. It was a once-in-lifetime trip and I will always be grateful to IGERT for making it possible!

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