iSeeNcode support comes from its developer, Dr. Fred T. Hofstetter. If you do not find what you are looking for here, you can email Dr. Fred by sending mail to

Movie Trailers

Follow the links below to view trailers that show how iSeeNcode works on different sized iOS devices. Behind the scenes, all of these devices run exactly the same version of iSeeNcode. Because it is a so-called "universal app" the same instance of the code runs on all these various devices. Thus, the schemas you create are totally interchangeable.

Video Tutorial

The link below brings up a tutorial presented in the form of a 10-minute guided tour of iSeeNcode features. If you have the app running while you view the tutorial, you can pause the movie when it shows you something you would like to try yourself.


iSeeNcode uses the standard end user license agreement for apps distributed via the iTunes App Store.