Exporting and Importing

To facilitate the creation and dissemination of encoding schemas to teams of observers, iSeeNcode contains features for cloning, switching, exporting, and importing schema.

Cloning a Schema

The schema editor has a cloning option that comes in handy when you want to make a new schema. It begins by asking what you want to name the clone. Then it makes a copy of the current schema under this new name that you provide. Now you can proceed to edit the clone and make it into a new schema, while the original schema remains on your device.

Switching Schema

At any time, you can use the Schema chooser to switch to any schema on your device. Each schema can comprise any number of sessions you create on your device, and each session can have any number of observations.

Exporting a Schema

Use the option to Export a Schema when you want to move a schema to another device. If you have a team of observers, for example, who will all be using the same schema, you can export the schema to a storage place from which your observers can import it onto their devices.

Importing a Schema

There is an Import option on the Choose a Different Schema tool. This import option enables you to import a schema from storage places such as your iCloud drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.