Making Observations

You make observations by tapping elements in the coding tree. If an element has a disclosure indicator, tapping that element reveals a secondary screen containing its children. Tap what corresponds to what you are seeing in the context you are observing.

Single Selection

Items in the coding tree can have single or multiple selection. Single selection refers to elements that let you choose just one item from the possible choices that appear when you tap that element. Single selection choices return automatically to the root of the coding tree when tapped.

Multiple Selection

When the list of choices remains onscreen after you select one of its items, you are in an element that permits multiple selection, meaning that you can select more than one item if you see more than one of those things happening. When you are done, tap the Back Icon back button to return to the menu.


There is a textarea on the root screen of the coding tree where you can type or narrate things you see happening that are not represented in the coding tree. Simply tap in the textarea to enter comments there.


At the bottom of the coding tree's home screen is a cloning icon cloning option. Use this when you want to make a copy of the current observation. This comes in handy, for example, when the timer alerts you it is time to start a new observation. If nothing has changed in what you are observing, you can simply tap cloning icon to clone the current observation.


Located at the bottom of the coding tree is a threading icon Threading option. Use this when you are making observations in a complex situation that has many things going on at once. When you tap threading icon you will be prompted to select a color for the current observation. The colors you choose appear in the background of the observations menu, thereby enabling you to visually follow the threads. Threading colors also appear in the spreadsheet containing the data you are collecting.


Counters let you count things using the counter stepper. To increase the count, tap the plus sign. Tapping the minus sign decreases the count.

Starting a New Observation

To start a new observation, tap the add button add button at the top right of the Observations master menu. If the menu is not visible, tap Master to reveal it.

Deleting an Observation

To delete an observation, tap the Edit button at the top left of the Observations menu. Tap the delete icon delete button alongside the observation you want deleted, then tap delete button to delete it. When you are done deleting, tap Done.