Managing Sessions

To manage the observation sessions, tap to reveal the Sessions screen. The first setting on the Sessions screen defines when the blocks begin. To change the starting time, tap the timestamp you want to change and use the date/time controls to set the starting time. In the default IES Literacy Grant schema that comes with the app, blocks last five minutes. Timer settings determine the length of these blocks. If you need to change the block duration, follow this link to learn how to modify the timer settings.


Each session has metadata fields prompting you to supply information about the session. Tap the on-screen fields to supply the data requested. This metadata will be recorded in the spreadsheet along with observations you make in this session. If you want to add fields to be recorded here, you can do so by editing the metadata. Follow this link to see how to edit the metadata.

Share and Print

The Share and Print section contains controls for viewing or exporting the spreadsheet containing the data collected in the current observation session. Here you find options to email the spreadsheet, send it to iTunes (for iTunes file sharing), or view it onscreen in collapsed or widescreen formats.

Switch Datasets

The section called Switch Datasets has controls enabling you to select or create a different observation session. You also have the option to choose a different schema. The schema chooser lets you select any schema currently loaded on your iPad or iPhone, or you can Import a schema. The importer lets you bring in a schema from any location, such as your iCloud drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive.