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  Allen Barnett

Allen Barnett is the Executive Director of the High Efficiency Solar Power Program in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.  He is also a Senior Policy Fellow in the Center for Energy and Environmental Policy.  His engineering research is focused on developing very high performance, next generation photovoltaic solar cells and on the interdisciplinary basic research needs to further advance solar power. As the Program Manager and Principal Investigator for the $53 million DARPA Very High Efficiency Solar Cell program he is leading the development of a 50% efficient solar cell for portable applications. Policy work is focused on further developing the value propositions for the solar electric power industry. Key projects included providing leadership for the United State's Solar Power Industry Roadmap - a national, domestic solar power plan.

  Asher Charles Barnett

Grandson of Professor Allen Barnett

Research interests include:

Sleeping, eating and being held.

Attempting to walk.

April 9, 2010

7lbs 6oz

  Kevin Shreve

Laboratory Coordinator

Research interests include: Very high efficiency PV devices and the enhancement of our Solar Power Program's process and analytical capabilities.

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