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Solar Cell Faq
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ELEG 620 Solar Electric Systems 2010

Allen Barnett
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Class Times and Location

Tuesday and Thursday 3:30 - 4:45 pm



Systems and Sun Power

Course Notes

Feb. 9 Introduction

Feb. 11 Solar Radiation 1

Feb. 16 Solar Radiation 2

Feb. 23 Diffusion Length and Lifeline

Feb. 25 Solar Cell Design

Mar 2 PN Junction Solar Cells

Mar 5 Solar Cell Design

Mar 9 Transparent Contact Design

Mar 11 Solar Cell Technologies/Efficiency Limits

Mar 16 Review of Solar Cell Designs

Mar 18 Systems Overview

Mar 23 Systems Project

Mar 25 Transparent Contact Presentation

Mar 30 Spring Break

April 1 Spring Break

April 6 PV System Basics and Design

April 8 Joint CEEP Lecture; Solar Cell Technologies

April 13 System Components: PV Modules System

April 15 Components: PV Modules, Batteries

April 20 System Components: Batteries Systems

April 22 Components; Chargers, Inverters

April 27 System Components: Inverters

April 29 Applications and Economics of PV Systems

May 4 Applications and Economics of PV Systems

May 6 System Analysis and Reliability

May 11 PV Systems Lab

May 13 PV Systems Lab


1. Homework 1, Solutions

2. Silicon carrier concentration vs mobility, Solutions

3. Homework 3, Solutions

4. Homework 4, Solutions

5. Project

Electronic Textbook

Photovoltaics CDROM Web Edition

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