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Solar Cell Faq
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The Solar Power Program is enabling a revolution in the way electricity is provided, allowing economically, environmentally, and socially sustainable distributed energy systems. Integration of materials, devices, and concepts into high-performance affordable photovoltaic devices, microsystems, and systems, will generate new solar cell-related technologies that do away with cost and performance constraints based on limitations in existing technologies which make use of only a single material and lack a systems approach. We collaborate with many universities, laboratories and industry to develop high-performance, affordable solar electric power (photovoltaic) systems. Solar electric power can provide at least 30% of the nation's electricity by 2050. We are also develop energy conversion devices and systems that target other high-impact applications, such as providing electricity to developing countries, reducing fossil fuel use in transportation, and developing wholly new applications based on systems that provide new functionality, such as integrated energy generation and storage.

We have a new additiion to our group. Welcome Emily Lu, proud parents are Xuesong and Ruiying. Pictured here with Ruiying parents visiting from China.

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