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University of Delaware Bike Policy 7-41

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Bicycle registration with Parking Services is mandatory for all faculty, staff, and students who ride or park a bicycle on the University of Delaware Newark campus. By registering your bicycle, you will help the University Police Department (UDPD) and Parking Services to identify if your bike is lost, stolen, recovered or impounded. By registering a bicycle, the owner acknowledges that they have read and understand the University’s Bicycle Policy and agrees to the associated rules and regulations.

To register a bicycle go to Parking Services or go online here. Note: You will have to log in with a University account or create a guest account, then click on "Vehicle" in the top navigation bar, and then the "Add bicycle" button.

Parking and Securing of Bicycles

Bicycles MUST be secured to a bike rack when left unattended on campus for any period of time. Bicycles shall not be left, locked, secured or otherwise attached to any non-approved structures such as handrails, light posts, emergency stations, fences, trash receptacles, trees, trip rails, benches and/or signposts. Bicycles shall not be parked in any manner that constitutes a safety hazard, or in such a manner as to interfere with the access to facilities.

Unsecured Bicycle Lockup Program

The objective of the program is to eliminate unsecured bicycles on campus. The Community Resource Unit (CRU) will walk/ride around campus looking for unsecured bicycles that are an easy target for theft. When CRU observes an unsecured bicycle, it will be secured with a UDPD U-lock. If you find your bicycle secured with a UDPD U-lock, you will need to contact UDPD to have the bicycle unlocked. Please have your Student ID ready when an officer responds. You will not get your bicycle back without your ID.

Bike Lock Cuts

If your key no longer works on your bike lock, you may call the police department at 302-831-2222. You will need your UD ID and proof that you own the bike.

We recommend you purchase a new lock prior to calling us to cut your current one. A sturdy U-lock is the most secure style. We recommend purchasing an OnGuard U-lock, Bulldog series.

You can purchase a U-lock at:

Abandoned Bicycles

Abandoned – a PTD (Personal Transportation Device), including a bicycle, is considered abandoned when locked to or left on University property in an apparent dilapidated, inoperable condition or left unattended on University property and tagged by Parking Services or University Police.

Abandoned bicycles will be removed by the University after a reasonable amount of time. If after 90 days an abandoned bicycle remains unclaimed, it will be University property and may be donated, sold or recycled.

UD Campus and Newark Bike Safety Tips

When you operate a bike on the road, you have the responsibilities of a car. Bikes have to stop at traffic lights and yield to pedestrians at crosswalks. However, bicycles in Delaware can roll through stop signs if your path is clear of other cars and pedestrians. If there is no bike lane, you can also ride on a public sidewalk. You cannot ride on a sidewalk where posted. (East Main St. corridor)

When riding on sidewalks you must still yield to pedestrians, and you must give a verbal or bell warning when approaching a pedestrian from behind.

If you’re walking your bike, you have all the rights of a pedestrian, including utilizing crosswalk signals.

You can ride on most UD campus pathways, except where posted otherwise (Walk your wheels zone) such as Trabant Plaza and the north campus pedestrian bridge (Independence Bridge). You MUST dismount your bicycle and walk it through any posted Walk your Wheels zones. UDPD will enforce the Walk your Wheels zones.

Delaware Code, Title 21, Chapter 4198H
You cannot ride with more than one headphone in use.

Bicycle Theft

If your bicycle has been stolen, please report it to UDPD as soon as possible. If you can, remain on scene where you last saw your bicycle. Please have as much information about the bicycle that you can (make, model, color, serial number, etc.). Also let the responding officer know whether the bicycle was registered with Parking Services.

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