How to Set Up Your Subdirectory

Before you publish your Web page(s), you must create a subdirectory (folder), give the site a specific name, and set the access permissions on the subdirectory (folder) so that your files are viewable on the Internet.

IT staff have created a shortcut method for you to do all three of these tasks at once. Follow these steps to do so:

  1. Log in to your UDelNet account on the Copland server through the Secure Shell (SSH) application if you use a Windows computer. If you are using a Macintosh computer with OS X, use the Secure Terminal program that is included in Mac OS X.

(If you do not have the application on your computer, you can download a free copy from the UDeploy Web site.)

  1. At the prompt, type

    source /www/htdocs/learn/usered/html-setup

  2. Press ENTER.

You now have a subdirectory (folder) named public_html, which has the correct access permissions to be viewable on the Internet. You can now create your Web page(s).

Additional Shortcut Commands

After you create your subdirectory using the instructions above, you will also have two UNIX shortcut commands created by IT staff. These commands will help you manage your Web site more efficiently.

webpublish—If you create a subdirectory (folder) within your public_html subdirectory, you must make the files it contains available for viewing on the Internet.

  1. To do so, log into, change to the new subdirectory using the "cd" command, then at the prompt, type


  2. Press ENTER.

webdiskusage—You can determine how much disk space (quota) your files take up in your home directory using this command.

  1. To do so, log into, then at the prompt, type


  2. Press ENTER.

See the IT Help Center pages for more information about how to manage the quota for your account.