How to Publish Your Web Page

To publish your Web page(s), you must upload (transfer) a copy of the file(s) (including any image files) you created for your Web site to UD's remote server (i.e.,

To transfer the files from a Windows computer, use the SSH Secure Shell file transfer program; from a Macintosh computer use Fetch. Both programs are available from the University's software download page. Be sure to name your main page index.html.

How to View Your Page(s)

After you upload your Web page(s) to UD's remote server, you can view them to see how they will appear on the Internet:

  1. Open a browser application as you normally do.
  2. In the Location field, type the location of your home page, which will be similar to the following:

    where username is your UDelNet ID (i.e., the name you use to log in to your UD e-mail account).

  3. Press ENTER.

Note: Do not include www or public_html as part of the address for personal Web pages created on the UD network.

Set the Protection for Your Web Page(s)

If your pages do not appear on the Web after you have uploaded them, you may have to change the page permissions. You can do this from within the SSH Secure Shell file transfer program or from within Fetch.