VOLUME 22 #2

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Director's light is bright on Broadway
image of Stuart and Suzanne Grant with horse

Eclectic enthusiasts

From racehorses to soccer, critical animal-science research to a top-notch venue for the game they love, Stuart and Suzanne Grant have given generously to support facilities and programs at UD.

image from production of dave the potter

Poetry, pottery, dance

A collaboration between two faculty members, which blossomed to include their students and partnerships in art, poetry and dance with the larger community, has yielded a perfromance that tells the little-known story of a highly accomplished enslaved artisan.

art representing scientific and religious symbols

Science vs. religion

Lawrence Principe '83, an internationally recognized scholar of the history of science, shares his perspective on the so-called war between science and religion—what he calls "a stubborn myth," as untrue as it is widely believed.

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