VOLUME 21 #2

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Headline-Rising to a new level: ISE lab opens. Design promotes learning, research for 21st century.
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Spice up your diet

Patients who are instructed to cut back on salt are more likely to stick to that diet if they know they have some flavorful options. That's the idea behind a new class for nutrition and dietetics students, "The Spice Kitchen."

Petey the dog

A dog's best friend

Costas Hadjipanayis, a 1994 UD graduate who teaches neurosurgery at Emory University, has been testing a new drug on dogs with naturally occurring brain tumors. His results hold promise for human brain cancer treatment as well.

alumni weekend, mug night

Hens come home

This year's Alumni Weekend was the biggest yet, with some 5,000 Blue Hens attending the annual celebration. They reconnected with old friends, relived fond memories and got a look at many big changes on campus.

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